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1212 Ghost Air: Where technical brilliance meets exquisite design

1212 Ghost Air: Where technical brilliance meets exquisite design

1212 Ghost Air
1212 Ghost Air
1212 Ghost Air
1212 Ghost Air
1212 Ghost Air
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1212 Ghost Air

The world of water sports is experiencing a renaissance of luxury and design. At the forefront is the latest masterpiece of nautical craftsmanship: the 1212 Ghost Air. This extraordinary motorboat impresses not only with its sophisticated design, but also with technical refinements that make it a real gem.

The quintessence of design

The new 1212 Ghost Air sends a clear design message, inspired by its closed sister model. The creative heads, Thomas Gerzer and Stephan Everwin, have not only placed emphasis on impressive aesthetics, but also on the characteristic philosophy of the Air series: a synthesis of dynamics, emotion and ample space.

“Familiar in design, lavish in comfort – with the 1212 Ghost Air we have redefined the powerboat experience in the 40-foot category.” – Michael Frauscher, Managing Director

Unique interior

At the heart of this open motorboat is a frameless, free-standing helm station. A testament to how the 1212 Ghost Air integrates generosity into the experience. This space not only offers a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends, but also seamless access to the indoor area. Here you will find comfortable sleeping accommodation and a modern bathroom that benefits from the impressive headroom of 1.90 metres.

Features that inspire

A special highlight is the outdoor kitchen on the side, which is equipped with a refrigerator, sink and grill. But the real jewel of this area is the spacious seating and lounging landscape, which can be transformed into a dance floor in seconds – ideal for exuberant moments in the open air, accompanied by the powerful JL audio sound system.

Revolution in the choice of materials

The full carbon T-top presents itself as a real work of art and gives the 12-metre motorboat a touch of elegance and modernity. In doing so, it floats almost weightlessly above the steering position without the need for additional supports.

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A harmonious interplay of design and performance

The 1212 Ghost Air combines classic Frauscher design elements with groundbreaking performance. Its design is inspired by renowned boats such as the 1414 Demon and the 858 Fantom, which are known for their excellent handling. Thanks to the powerful engines and an 850-litre fuel tank, not only is impressive speed guaranteed, but also a range of up to 300 miles.

A first experience for enthusiasts

For those who crave an exclusive glimpse, the 1212 Ghost Air will be presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Interested parties can look forward with anticipation to spring 2024, when delivery of this jewel of seafaring will begin.

The 1212 Ghost Air redefines the luxury experience on the water. With a unique design, innovative features and performance that is second to none, it will undoubtedly become the new benchmark in the world of water sports. A must-have for all those who value exclusivity, comfort and technology.

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