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Amanjena – A jewel in Morocco

Amanjena – A jewel in Morocco

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Amanjena, a true oasis of luxury in Morocco, opens its doors once again and welcomes its guests. There are now all sorts of new things to discover at this beautiful resort, just a stone’s throw from the UNESCO-listed city of Marrakech.

Here, luxury and the rich Moroccan culture merge into a unique experience. Whether you are looking for a break, are passionate about golf or want to immerse yourself in the depths of culture – Amanjena is the perfect place to do so, especially in winter when the weather is pleasantly mild.

Festive days of reflection

Amanjena has put together a special programme for the festive days, which is characterised by reflection and community. Yoga, meditation, stargazing, exceptional gastronomic events and cultural experiences, such as making Zellij mosaics, offer guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Moroccan culture and experience unforgettable moments.

New pool pavilions and their elegance

In October, eight pool pavilions were extensively renovated. They are characterised by vaulted ceilings, Moorish-inspired interiors and heated swimming pools. The luxurious king-size beds and the green marble from Ouarzazate emphasise the opulent aesthetics of these exclusive retreats, which guarantee rest and relaxation at the highest level.

A journey through water and tradition

Amanjena offers holistic wellness treatments that utilise the cleansing and invigorating power of water. A central component is the hammam, a traditional North African preventative medicine that includes cleansing rituals with steam cleansing and exfoliating massages. These treatments promise not only physical cleansing, but also mental relaxation.

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Golfer’s paradise

Amanjena is a paradise for golfers. Surrounded by the undulating fairways of the Amelkis golf course and close to other renowned golf courses, the resort is offering an exclusive three-night retreat until 31 March 2024. This includes daily green fees, transfers to the golf courses and relaxing spa treatments. The pleasant temperatures all year round make Amanjena the ideal place for an unforgettable golf holiday.

Authentic Moroccan hospitality

A highlight is immersing yourself in Moroccan hospitality with a traditional Berber family. A visit to the hidden village of L’Arbaa Tighdouine allows guests to experience authentic Moroccan cuisine in the form of tagines and couscous dishes, lovingly prepared according to old family recipes. These encounters create a deep connection to nature and the local community.

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