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Amanwana: Exclusive refuge on Moyo Island celebrates 30th anniversary

Amanwana: Exclusive refuge on Moyo Island celebrates 30th anniversary

Amanwana, the luxury tented camp on the stunning island of Moyo, invites you to celebrate its 30th anniversary after its annual closure. As part of the Moyo-Satonda National Park, the camp offers its guests unique nature experiences amidst jungle and seascapes.

Moyo Island – A protected paradise

Since 2022, Moyo Island has been an official national park, preserving its extraordinary flora, fauna and marine life for future generations. Amanwana, with only 15 tents, guarantees its guests privacy and seclusion – ideal for groups of friends or families.

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Luxury tents in harmony with nature

Amanwana tents offer a unique nature experience and feature floor-to-ceiling windows, light-filled interiors and open living areas. They are designed in the distinctive Aman style and offer either ocean or jungle views.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Amanwana is offering an extensive program of experiences, including underwater explorations, whale shark watching, culinary master classes, locally inspired cocktails and relaxing singing bowl experiences under the stars.

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Encounter with whale sharks in Saleh Bay

Nearby Saleh Bay is home to one of the world’s largest whale shark populations and was recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 2019. Guests can marvel at the majestic animals accompanied by an experienced guide on a two-hour cruise with breakfast on board.

Diving and snorkeling in Amanwana Bay

The pristine Amanwana Bay offers a variety of remote and picturesque dive sites. At Amanwana Dive Centre, guests of any experience level can dive or earn PADI certification during their stay.

Turtle conservation and stargazing

Amanwana supports sea turtle conservation and allows guests to observe hatchlings. For stargazers, the resort offers a nighttime excursion on the traditional wooden outrigger boat Aman XIV, where the night sky can be enjoyed in complete tranquility.

Exploration of Satonda volcanic island

A 75-minute boat ride takes guests to the volcanic island of Satonda, surrounded by an impressive backdrop of Mount Tambora. Here, visitors can enjoy kayaking, jungle trekking, snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing while exploring the diverse landscape and surrounding reefs.

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Traditional culinary experiences on Moyo Island

Amanwana offers guests unique culinary experiences, from relaxed beach barbecues to traditional bakela dinners featuring Sumbawan cuisine served picnic-style. A Sakeco dance performance accompanies dinner under the twinkling night sky.

Authentic cooking classes with locals

For those who want to immerse themselves in local cuisine, Amanwana offers a cooking class with local villager Ibu Halimah. At their home in the nearby village, guests are given an insight into the preparation of traditional Sumbawanese dishes.

Harvest festival – celebrating with the village community

In July, Moyo Island hosts the Harvest Festival, during which Amanwana organizes a variety of culinary events. Guests can dine with villagers at long tables, enjoy cooking demonstrations and marvel at local performances. The celebrations are rounded off by a blessing by the local priest of Sumbawa.

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