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Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim: New Jewel Among Luxury Hotels

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim: New Jewel Among Luxury Hotels

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim

The renowned hotel chain General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM) surprises once again with an extraordinary novelty. It is with great pleasure that she presents her latest project, the Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim. This fascinating addition is located in the Serai Wing of the Chedi Al Bait in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Unique luxury in Arabian style

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim promises an exquisite retreat with twelve high-end rooms that bring to life the timeless magic of Arabian culture. The new expansion is perfectly designed for discerning travelers, families, business meetings, yoga retreats and private events.

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim: Historical flair in a modern guise

The special feature of Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim lies in its history. It consists of two main buildings that are part of the former residence of the renowned pearl merchant Khalid bin Ibrahim from the 20th century. Each house has a private, temperature-controlled pool that can be used by only six rooms at a time.

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim
© GHM Ltd.

Wellness and relaxation in privacy

The new facility offers not only a place of retreat, but also an opportunity to pamper body and soul. For this purpose, the Movement Studio is available, a private area for activities such as yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises and self-weight training. It invites you to practice mindfulness and enjoy a relaxing stay.

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim: Exclusive offers for the opening

To celebrate the opening, the Chedi Al Bait is providing two special buy-out packages. These allow guests to book the entire house exclusively and be among the first to enjoy this unique experience. In addition to the exclusive services, guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the restaurant, as well as the spa and fitness facilities in the main building.

Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim
© GHM Ltd.

The details of the two buy-out packages are as follows:

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– Stay at Khalid Ibrahim House One from AED 4,330/night – with two Jacuzzis, five spacious bedrooms and one suite, all overlooking the private swimming pool.

– Stay at Khalid Ibrahim House Two from AED 6,830/night – featuring a duplex, four additional bedrooms and a suite, an exclusive private area that can be converted into the Movement Studio, and a private lounge and dining room for festive occasions.

Both buy-out packages are valid until September 30, 2023, offering guests an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in the unparalleled luxury and exclusivity of Bait Khalid Bin Ibrahim.

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