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Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63: The fusion of the automotive and watch worlds

Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63: The fusion of the automotive and watch worlds

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Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63
Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63
Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63
Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63
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Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63

The Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 not only represents another milestone in the art of watchmaking, but also embodies the symbiosis of two icons, both distinguished by outstanding engineering and timeless elegance. The very first lines reveal that this is much more than just a clock.

Historical parallels: From utility to modernity

Originally developed for purely functional reasons, both the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Big Pilot’s Watch from IWC Schaffhausen have developed into modern cult objects over the years. Despite their iconic status, they have never lost their purposeful origins. It is precisely this history and this development that makes the Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 a special collector’s item.

Design inspiration: The Grand Edition

In the new watch, it is clear that the design is heavily inspired by the recently unveiled Mercedes-AMG G 63 “Grand Edition”. A breathtaking fusion of two worlds: the automotive world and the watch world.

Contrasting elegance: black meets gold

The special model of this watch is dominated by the impressive contrast of black and gold. The 18-carat Armor Gold® case and crown immediately catch the eye. A material that not only catches the eye thanks to its modified microstructure, but also convinces in terms of hardness and wear resistance. And it is this mix of sandblasted surfaces and polished edges that gives the watch its modern and refined character.

Details that make the difference

The black dial of the watch surprises with a relief-like, technical texture that is strongly inspired by the radiator grilles and air intakes of Mercedes-AMG’s performance vehicles. A detail that shows how deep the connection between these two brands goes. In addition, the AMG G 63 Edition is a real eye-catcher with its three-dimensional applications and innovative PVD process.

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Exclusivity and service

For all those who are taken with this masterpiece: The Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 is now available in IWC boutiques, from authorised retail partners or online. In addition, the My IWC Care programme offers the possibility of registering the timepiece and benefiting from an extended international warranty.

The Big Pilot’s Watch AMG G 63 is far more than just a watch. It is the product of decades of experience, precision and passion from two of the world’s leading brands. A must for every collector and lover of fine mechanics and timeless design.

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