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Four Seasons in the Dominican Republic – A New Era of Luxury

Four Seasons in the Dominican Republic – A New Era of Luxury

Four Seasons Dominikanische Republik
Four Seasons Dominikanische Republik
Four Seasons Dominikanische Republik
Four Seasons Dominikanische Republik
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Four Seasons Dominikanische Republik

Amidst the vibrant heart of the Caribbean, a new luxury chapter is being opened: the Four Seasons and Cisneros Real Estate are unfolding the promise of an immaculate paradise in the Dominican Republic.

A masterpiece of cooperation

Four Seasons’ reputation for luxury hospitality merges with Cisneros Real Estates’ extensive expertise to create the magnificent Four Seasons Resort and Residences Dominican Republic at Tropicalia. Nestled on 24 hectares of land, hugged by Playa Esmeralda’s pristine beaches, this sustainable luxury project marks a significant milestone in the history of luxury tourism.

Unsurpassed architecture meets nature

Designed by visionary Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, the resort is a masterful fusion of modern design and natural splendour. “With the natural, sustainable elegance of Tropicalia, we are setting a new global standard,” Weinfeld emphasises.

A deeper commitment to the community

Adriana Cisneros, CEO of Cisneros, highlights her organisation’s deep social commitment: “Tropicalia represents our family’s deeply rooted values. With projects focused on agriculture, education and the environment, we strive to create luxury destinations that are in harmonious balance with nature and the local community.”

An extension of global luxury

Alejandro Reynal, CEO of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, emphasises the shared values of the project with Cisneros, especially in terms of preserving the environment and supporting local communities. “Together we will become guardians of this breathtaking destination,” Reynal proclaims.

A tribute to the Dominican Republic

Tourism Minister David Collado underlines the importance of the project for the Dominican Republic: “It is an honour to welcome Four Seasons to Tropicalia. This project symbolises our commitment to sustainable tourism and continues to position our country as a desirable destination.”

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About the resort

The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Dominican Republic at Tropicalia is a unique retreat that offers guests first-class amenities. From an opulent spa and sporting facilities to an exquisite culinary offering, it embodies the ultimate in luxury.

Commitment to sustainability

In terms of design and construction, the focus is on sustainability. Striving for LEED certification and environmentally friendly management practices attest to the commitment to preserve the ecological balance of this jewel in the Caribbean.

When we talk about the new Four Seasons Resort in the Dominican Republic, we’re not just talking about another luxury retreat for travellers. It is about an oasis deeply rooted in culture and respect for Mother Nature. This resort combines luxury with responsibility, tradition with modernity. It is a place that touches the heart and nourishes the soul, presenting the best of both worlds – exquisite luxury and honest sustainability – in harmonious balance. It will not just be a memory to take home, but an experience that will change you.

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