Luxurious voyages of discovery: The premiere season 2026 of Four Seasons Yachts

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Four Seasons Yachts Routes 2026
Four Seasons Yachts Routes 2026
Four Seasons Yachts Routes 2026
Four Seasons Yachts Routes 2026
Four Seasons Yachts Routes 2026
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Four Seasons Yachts Routes 2026

In an era where the appetite for exceptional travel experiences continues to grow, a new horizon is emerging in the luxury travel firmament: the arrival of the first Four Seasons yacht and the unveiling of the Four Seasons Yachts 2026 itineraries.

This invitation to a voyage in a class of its own, blurring the boundaries between the comfort of exquisite accommodation and the infinite freedom of the sea, marks the beginning of a new era of seafaring. Together with Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd and Italian shipbuilding luminaries Fincantieri, Four Seasons is taking its guests on a journey that will have a special place in the annals of luxury travel.

Four Seasons Yachts Routes 2026: Destinations

At the centre of the anticipation for the 2026 inaugural season is the unveiling of the first ten Four Seasons Yachts itineraries. These carefully curated itineraries are an invitation to explore the enchanting harbours and hidden treasures of the Caribbean as well as the cultural diversity and historical depth of the Mediterranean.

Alejandro Reynal, President and CEO of Four Seasons, emphasises the commitment to luxury that puts the guest at the centre: “Our yacht will take this approach to the seas, supported by innovation and first-class service.”

A kaleidoscope of cultures and landscapes

From January to March 2026, guests will be able to experience the Caribbean in all its splendour. The itinerary includes jewels such as Saint Barthélemy, Nevis and the Grenadines, and allows travellers to immerse themselves in the dazzling nightlife of St.Barths or explore the volcanic coral reefs of Martinique. The extension of the offer to the Mediterranean from March 2026 opens another chapter full of discoveries. The route crosses Croatia, Gibraltar, Montenegro and more, with a special focus on the Greek islands.

A home away from home: suite designs that impress

The Four Seasons Yachts stand out not only for their itineraries, but also for the exceptional design of their suites. In collaboration with Tillberg Design and creative director Prosper Assouline, an ambience has been created that harmonises luxury and comfort.

Fredrik Johannson, partner at Tillberg Design, emphasises the goal of “creating an environment that feels both familiar and extraordinary”.

The suites offer floor-to-ceiling windows and bathrooms that set new standards in terms of spaciousness and design.

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A new benchmark in suite design

From the Signature suites, which are characterised by their size and furnishings, to the innovative Funnel and Loft suites, which introduce a new level of living comfort at sea, Four Seasons is setting new standards. The Funnel Suite, a technical masterpiece, offers a breathtaking 280-degree panoramic view and extends over four levels.

Culinary excellence and wellness at sea

Away from the magnificent suites, guests can expect a culinary journey through 11 gastronomic establishments and a wellness programme that leaves nothing to be desired. The transverse marina and spacious stern pool emphasise Four Seasons’ commitment to providing an unrivalled experience.

Through the symbiosis of avant-garde design, exceptional service and a route sans pareil, the Four Seasons Yachts establish new standards in the art of luxury travelling. The 2026 season is shaping up to be an odyssey that will go down in the chronicles of nautical history as a shining example of grandeur, comfort and memorable moments.

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