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Hotel La Palma Capri: the new jewel of Italian luxury

Hotel La Palma Capri: the new jewel of Italian luxury

Hotel La Palma Capri

The thriving island of Capri has a new star on the luxurious horizon: the Hotel La Palma Capri. This masterpiece of Italian luxury opened its doors this summer, setting new standards in luxury and indulgence with its modern, elegant charm, coupled with over 200 years of history.

Historical elegance meets contemporary luxury

The Hotel La Palma is not only the first Italian masterpiece in the Oetker Collection, but also looks back on more than 200 years of history. This elegant Mediterranean retreat has been redesigned over the years to include new restaurants and an exclusive beach club. It goes without saying that it is the top address for discerning travellers.

“With over 200 years of history, it has become a contemporary, elegant Mediterranean retreat.”

Culinary delights under the stars

What would a luxury hotel be without its exquisite culinary offerings? Under the culinary leadership of Chef Gennaro Esposito, one of the brightest stars in the Italian gourmet sky, Hotel La Palma Capri takes gastronomy to a new level. Esposito, known for his two Michelin-starred restaurant Torre del Saracino in Naples, promises a gastronomic experience you won’t soon forget.

Gennaro’s – The heart of the hotel

Gennaro’s, the hotel’s flagship restaurant, invites you on a culinary journey from morning to night. It represents the fresh glamour of the 50s capri. And with an open kitchen where the legendary chef often lends a hand himself, every meal is an experience.

Of breathtaking views and exquisite delights

La Palma Bar & Terrace, with its enchanting view of the bustling streets of Capri, is the ideal place for culinary stops – from late lunches to chic dinners. And the rooftop garden restaurant Bianca not only offers a breathtaking view of Capri and the sea, but has also emerged as one of the island’s hotspots.

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Pure relaxation: from the pool to the private beach

Relaxation does not end with culinary delights. The new pool at Hotel La Palma offers swimming fun, and the Aqua Bar is a real retreat. But the real highlight is perhaps the Beach Club Da Gioia, just a few minutes from the hotel and the ideal place for sunbathing under the Italian sun.

The Hotel La Palma Capri combines history, elegance and contemporary luxury to create an incomparable experience. It is a must-visit for anyone looking for the best that Capri has to offer. It is not just a hotel, but an experience for the senses.

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