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Kitzig Design Studios – A quarter of a century of excellence in design

Kitzig Design Studios – A quarter of a century of excellence in design

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Kitzig Design Studios
Kitzig Design Studios
Kitzig Design Studios
Kitzig Design Studios
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Kitzig Design Studios

Kitzig Design Studios, a name that has become synonymous with aesthetic elegance and innovative design over the last 25 years. From humble beginnings to a global footprint, the studio has come an impressive distance.

Over 1,050 projects in 36 countries, this number alone reflects the monumentally grown presence and influence of Kitzig Design Studios in the world of design and architecture. At the centre of this success is Olaf Kitzig, whose visionary leadership and tireless passion formed the basis for the steady development and expansion of the studio.

The humble beginnings and the rise to prominence

The foundation stone for Kitzig Design Studios was laid a quarter of a century ago. Olaf Kitzig, accompanied at the time by a single office worker, founded the company in Lippstadt in 1998. Initially, the studio concentrated on the design of living spaces for private clients, practices and shops in the fashion and trade fair sector. The evolution into an internationally recognised design studio is a testament to Olaf Kitzig’s passionate dedication to his art.

A symphony of competences

Today, the Kitzig Design Studios are an undeniable powerhouse when it comes to interior design, architecture, brand design and communication. With a team of around 60 talented architects and interior designers, product and communication designers at four locations in Germany, the studio transfers its visionary design philosophy to diverse projects worldwide. Core competencies lie in the areas of hotel and gastronomy, office and retail as well as interior brand development. This is the secret behind the bespoke, unique yet functional design solutions that the studio creates for its clients.

The awakening of the old in new splendour

One of the uplifting future projects is the revitalisation of listed buildings. The listed property in Düsseldorf, the former residence of the British Consul General, is a radiant illustration of the studio’s ability to carefully bring buildings steeped in history into the modern age. The respectful restoration and refurbishment of this historic villa, now a prestigious office and living space, shows how the aesthetics of the past can be merged with the functionality and technology of the present.

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A look into the future

The unfolding of their own product collections marks a new horizon in the history of Kitzig Design Studios. With the launch of its first carpet collection next winter, the studio once again demonstrates its relentless ambition to explore new design landscapes.

The journey of Olaf Kitzig and the Kitzig Design Studios is a fascinating portrait of passion, innovation and a relentless pursuit of design excellence. As the studio celebrates its 25-year milestone, the world looks forward to the future design horizons that Kitzig Design Studios will discover and define.

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