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Krasota Dubai: combining art and gastronomy

Krasota Dubai: combining art and gastronomy

Krasota Dubai

Krasota Dubai, an impressive gastro-theater, opens its doors at The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai and welcomes guests to a world of art and culinary delights. As the newest project of the White Rabbit Family Restaurant Alliance, Krasota Dubai offers a unique blend of visual art, haute cuisine and cutting-edge technology that guarantees a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

The fascinating world of Krasota Dubai

Imaginary Art presents the works of international artists of the late 19. and early 20th century amid Dubai’s thriving gourmet scene. In a gastronomic theater, guests take their seats at a large round table for 20 people, onto which a detailed 3D multimedia performance is projected. Each act of the gastro-performance, each course of the menu, is dedicated to and inspired by the works of eight renowned artists.

Krasota Dubai
© Krasota Dubai

Chef Vladimir Mukhin and his culinary masterpieces

The talented chef Vladimir Mukhin creates innovative and delicious dishes that offer guests a fascinating experience that appeals to all the senses. For each act of the gastro show, Mukhin has developed a tailor-made dish that perfectly suits the respective artistic style.

Visual art and technology by film director Anton Nenashev

The visual aspects of Krasota are created by film director and co-owner Anton Nenashev, who uses interactive installations, 3D projections and custom AI designs to impressively combine visual storytelling and haute cuisine.

Interior design by Natalia Belonogova

The interior design, created by Natalia Belonogova, creates a cohesive, enchanting experience and transports guests to another world. Natalia focuses on exploring the relationship between nature, art and modern human life to create a pleasant and harmonious environment.

Krasota Dubai
© Krasota Dubai

The vision of Boris Zarkov

Boris Zarkov, restaurateur, founder of White Rabbit Family and mastermind behind the project, emphasizes that Krasota is a mesmerizing experience that appeals to all the senses. The project combines visual art, gastronomy and interior design and demonstrates the White Rabbit Family’s commitment to breaking new ground and offering unique experiences.

The Imaginary Art Show will include a welcome amuse bouche, eight courses and eight visual performances, with two signature cocktails served during intermissions.

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Showtimes and reservations for Krasota Dubai

Guests can look forward to a variety of show times, with the matinee at 3 p.m., the first soirée at 6 p.m. and the second soirée at 9 p.m. Reservations are recommended to ensure you secure your spot at this amazing gastro-theater experience.

Reserve your table now and experience pleasure for all senses!

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