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LUX* Belle Mare Mauritius – A look inside the newly designed luxury paradise

LUX* Belle Mare Mauritius – A look inside the newly designed luxury paradise

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LUX Bell­e Mare Mauritius
LUX Bell­e Mare Mauritius
LUX Bell­e Mare Mauritius
LUX Bell­e Mare Mauritius
LUX Bell­e Mare Mauritius +1
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LUX Bell­e Mare Mauritius

LUX* Belle Mare Mauritius, located on the dreamy east coast, once again invites you to settle into its luxurious arms and experience the spirit of Mauritius to the fullest. Since its reopening on 1 October 2023, this opulent retreat has lost none of its splendour after more than a year of intensive renovation work.

A new beginning on the iconic picture-book beach

The magnificent picture-book beach, accompanied by a culinary offering that tantalises the senses and a luxurious spa experience at the renowned LUX* ME Spa, are just some of the highlights that await guests. The newly designed resort combines contemporary style with the traditional charm of the island. Paul Jones, CEO of The Lux Collective, highlights the uniqueness of this luxury resort and emphasises the desire to once again position LUX* Belle Mare as one of the world’s leading luxury destinations.

Architecture & Design: Fusion of Modernity and Tradition

Under the creative direction of the renowned Mauritian architect Jean-Francois Adam, an architectural masterpiece was created that fuses minimalist design with the spirit of Mauritius. From the unique design of the roof structures to the detailed interiors by designer Jean-Marc Tang – every corner here is an experience.

Culinary voyage of discovery

The LUX* Belle Mare Mauritius is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the palate. With a total of five exclusive restaurants, guests are taken on a culinary journey from the Mediterranean coast to rich Indian heritage and modern Chinese delicacies. The various bars and the innovative “Keen on Green” concept put the crown on the culinary offer.

Wellness for body and soul

The LUX* Belle Mare offers a wellness experience that gets deep under your skin. Inspired by nature and the five primal elements – earth, water, fire, air and space – it creates an atmosphere that nourishes both soul and body. The programme is not simply reeled off, but is individually tailored to each guest, so that mindfulness, movement and genuine relaxation merge together. It’s more than just a spa visit; it’s a journey to yourself.

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Unforgettable experiences in and around LUX Belle Mare*.

The resort offers a variety of extraordinary experiences that allow guests to experience Mauritius in all its glory. From discovery tours in vintage cars to culinary courses with star chefs – here every day is an adventure.

At the LUX* Belle Mare Mauritius, you will feel what true luxury means. This is Mauritius as you have never seen it before – honest, beautiful and authentic. Here, dreamlike design, culinary delights and tailor-made wellness moments merge into an unforgettable experience. It’s not just a bed in a hotel room. It is a place that touches the heart and soul.

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