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MEYER YACHTS Unveiling – A look at the revolutionary concept at the Monaco Yacht Show

MEYER YACHTS Unveiling – A look at the revolutionary concept at the Monaco Yacht Show

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In the magnificent world of seafaring, MEYER YACHTS redefines luxury. After a spectacular presentation at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021, the brand sets sail again with an innovative concept that breaks the boundaries of traditional yacht building. With the launch of the THREE05, MEYER YACHTS enters a new chapter of luxurious living on the water, presenting a masterpiece of maritime architecture.

The origin of the vision

Over the years, the Monaco Yacht Show has established itself as the epicentre for superyacht enthusiasts and industry insiders. With her official launch in 2021 and a stand of her own the following year, MEYER YACHTS used this stage to introduce a revolutionary concept that will shape the maritime luxury landscape from 27 to 30 September.

Three models, one continuous innovation

With the ONE50 and TWO10 models, MEYER YACHTS has laid the foundation for its innovative line. However, the development of the THREE05 marks a turning point. This remarkable piece is a fusion of a 125-metre superyacht and a 180-metre Floating Solution. With this combination, the MEYER Group unites the two innovative business divisions MEYER YACHTS and MEYER Floating Solutions.

Incomparable architecture

“The idea behind this concept is multifaceted,” explains Thomas Weigend, Managing Director of MEYER WERFT. The dual structure of villa and yacht allows for larger parties to be accommodated, while the THREE05 can also be an extremely private retreat with its own superyacht shuttle. The technical specifications and amenities, such as the helipad and a private marina, take the THREE05 to a new level of luxury.

Environmentally conscious drive technology

The MEYER yacht is powered by environmentally friendly hybrid technology consisting of fuel cells and batteries. The solar cells and wind turbines installed on the Floating Solution, as well as the use of sustainable materials, underline MEYER’s ecological claim. “The combination of MEYER YACHTS and our extensive experience in building floating villas makes our offering truly unique in the world market,” emphasises Kaj Casén, CEO of MEYER Floating Solutions.

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A decisive step into the future

The development of the THREE05 clearly shows how important the superyacht sector is for the MEYER Group. MEYER YACHTS will be present at the Monaco Yacht Show with a specialised team to inform visitors of all the options available, presenting both the THREE05 and ONE50 models.

Unmistakable market positioning

“Megayachts are a market segment that we can serve excellently at our shipyards,” says managing director Bernard Meyer. By entering this market and presenting innovative models, MEYER YACHTS has gained a distinct position in the industry. Interesting enquiries and the appreciation by relevant players testify to a successful market placement and a promising appearance at the Monaco Yacht Show.

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