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Fresh wind and new design concept: Neptune Luxury Resort

Fresh wind and new design concept: Neptune Luxury Resort

Neptune Luxury Resort
Neptune Luxury Resort
Neptune Luxury Resort
Neptune Luxury Resort
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Neptune Luxury Resort

Neptune Hotels Resort, Convention Centre & Spa, known for its luxurious atmosphere, presents itself under the new name Neptune Luxury Resort. This name change is part of a comprehensive redesign, reflected in a new website and logo.

User friendly website for direct bookings

The fresh and modern design of the individual website of the five-star resort facilitates direct bookings for guests. The user-friendly navigation reflects the new design concept and enables a seamless customer experience.

Inspired by the Greek Poseidon: The new logo

The new turquoise logo is inspired by the Greek deity Neptune, also known as Poseidon, and his signature trident symbol. The modern lines and interplay with the initial letter of the resort create an appealing, contemporary look.

Redesigned bungalows with clear design at Neptune Luxury Resort

A newly designed bungalow will be unveiled for the season opening in May, embodying the clean design concept of Neptune Luxury Resort. Straight lines, modern furniture and Greek coziness characterize the interior and exterior design.

Focus on sustainability and energy efficiency

In its redesign, Neptune Luxury Resort emphasizes natural materials, energy efficiency and sustainability. These include the selection of building materials, insulation, windows, electrical appliances and the integration of a geothermal system.

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Family tradition and innovation

Founded in 1990 as Neptun Beach, the resort is now run by the second generation of the Paulus family. Wolfgang Paulus was instrumental in the first major remodeling phase in 1992, and modernizations, remodels, and expansions have been made every year since. His daughter Nina Paulus took over the redesign of the Neptune Spa in 2002, while his son Wotan Paulus has been involved in operations since 2015.

Neptune Luxury Resort: sustainability and timeless style

Wotan Paulus has an eye for innovative impulses, trends and sustainability. He has played a key role in shaping the design concept of the Neptune Luxury Resort, emphasizing clean lines, timeless style and Greek coziness. Together with long-time General Manager Konstantinos Zarikos and his innovative team, Wotan Paulus is successfully leading the resort into the future.

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