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Rolex boutique opens at sea for first time with Explora Journeys

Rolex boutique opens at sea for first time with Explora Journeys


Explora Journeys, the renowned Luxury Lifestyle brand of MSC Group, announces a first: the opening of a Rolex boutique on board. This unique shopping experience awaits guests of the cruise ship EXPLORA I, where they can purchase the most sought-after creations of the legendary Swiss watchmaking art.

Unique luxury in the Rolex boutique

In the middle of the vast ocean, the newly opened Rolex boutique invites you on a journey through the world of Swiss watchmaking. Travelers can marvel at an impressive range of models here and experience first-hand the exquisite craftsmanship that has made Rolex internationally famous.

© Explora Journeys

Unmistakable excellence of Rolex watches

Rolex watches, especially the Oyster Perpetual series, stand as a symbol of excellence, elegance and prestige worldwide. Their precision, performance and reliability have earned them certification as “Superlative Chronometers”. For more than a century, these watches have accompanied adventurers and explorers on their expeditions to the highest peaks and deepest ocean depths.

Customer service from Rolex experts

At the Rolex Boutique aboard EXPLORA I, experienced and knowledgeable hosts specially trained by Rolex await you. They offer guests a personalized shopping experience and assist them in selecting and purchasing luxury timepieces.

Exclusive opening of the Rolex boutique in July 2023

The Rolex boutique on EXPLORA I is scheduled to open on July 17, 2023, and will be reserved exclusively for Explora Journeys guests.

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© Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys – Luxury on the high seas

Explora Journeys is the privately owned luxury lifestyle brand of MSC Group, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The brand draws on a 300-year maritime tradition of the owning family and aims to redefine the marine experience for a new generation of luxury travelers.

The fleet of Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys’ fleet includes six ships, including EXPLORA I, which features 461 suites, penthouses and residences at sea. With 11 culinary experiences, 12 bars and lounges, four swimming pools and extensive spa facilities, Explora Journeys is setting new standards in the cruise industry.

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