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Six Senses Amaala: Saudi Arabia’s new oasis of luxury

Six Senses Amaala: Saudi Arabia’s new oasis of luxury

Six Senses Amaala

Six Senses Amaala: Saudi Arabia is increasingly opening up to international tourism and establishing itself as the fastest growing destination in the G20. A mix of history, culture, coral-rich beaches and sunshine attracts travelers from all over the world.

Amaala: The splendor of Vision 2030

At the heart of this development is Amaala, a project that represents Saudi Vision 2030 for a vibrant society and thriving economy. The name Amaala, derived from the Arabic for “hope” and the Sanskrit for “purity,” reflects the project’s ambitions.

Amaala Natural Paradise

Amaala covers 4,155 square kilometers of pristine nature reserve and is a paradise of breathtaking coastal landscapes, majestic mountain backdrops, white sandy beaches and pristine coastal reefs. Its proximity to major regional destinations such as Riyadh, Dubai, Istanbul as well as Paris, Rome, Berlin and Mumbai makes it particularly attractive.

Six Senses Amaala
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Six Senses Amaala: A place for unique experiences

In the heart of Amaala stands the Six Senses Amaala. It is intended as a canvas on which unique experiences for guests are painted. Beachfront and hillside residences, as well as villas lining the private mangrove bay, offer a variety of accommodation options.

Six Senses Amaala: Luxurious and unique design

The Six Senses Amaala includes 64 rooms, six suites, 30 villas and 25 Six Senses residences, all designed by architects U+A. Inspired by the traditional coastal villages of the region, the accommodations are seamlessly integrated into the natural topography and offer panoramic views of Hijaz Bay and the Red Sea.

Natural wonders and spa facilities

The landscape surrounding the resort is rich in natural wonders, including the dramatic Mesa with its spectacular overhangs and caves. To the north of the village, the view opens onto the long, sweeping beaches of Hijaz Cove. To the south are natural rock pools, small beaches and a mangrove boardwalk leading to the spa.

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An oasis of relaxation: the spa

The spa offers unique facilities such as a cryotherapy chamber, a longjevity center, and thermal areas for men and women with Finnish and infrared saunas, herbal steam rooms, salt rooms, vitality pools and ice baths. For the ultimate in relaxation, the Watsu pool, sound dome, yoga platform and multi-sensory relaxation areas.

Six Senses Amaala and Residences: Luxury with a view

The 25 Six Senses residences, ranging from three to six bedrooms, are carefully positioned to provide both seclusion and shared moments. They offer uninterrupted views of the coast and reflect the traditional architecture and lifestyle of the Arabian Peninsula through their central courtyards.

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