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The Chedi Hegra: A luxurious experience in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s historical heritage

The Chedi Hegra: A luxurious experience in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s historical heritage

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The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has appointed the renowned luxury hotel management company General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM) to take over the management of the exclusive hotel The Chedi Hegra. Located in the ancient Nabataean site in northwestern Saudi Arabia, The Chedi Hegra will be the first hotel to invite guests to an unparalleled authentic luxury experience.

Opening amidst impressive scenery

Located in Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hotel is expected to open its doors by the fourth quarter of 2023. Guests can expect a unique hotel with 35 tailor-made rooms that blend harmoniously into the fascinating Hegra landscape – an impressive testimony to human creativity and closeness to nature.

Integration of the hotel into existing buildings and protection of the cultural heritage

RCU is integrating the hotel with several historic buildings, including an old train station, Hegra Fort and other properties. The structure and exterior walls, some of which are made of historic adobe, are preserved and incorporated into the modern architecture. The RCU attaches great importance to leaving the UNESCO World Heritage Site as untouched as possible and to preserving the cultural heritage of Hegra.

Sustainability in focus during planning and construction of The Chedi Hegra

During the planning and implementation of the project, the RCU makes sure that all measures are in line with the Sustainability Charter for AlUla. This includes a sustainable tourism concept, an all-electric mobility system, innovative infrastructure and the use of native plants. The project relies on local building materials and hires local businesses and labor. Upon completion, the hotel will provide at least 120 jobs.

Exquisite gastronomy and comprehensive amenities

The Chedi Hegra has three upscale restaurants, a café, and a spa with extensive services and a pool. The restaurants offer unique culinary experiences to hotel guests and visitors to Hegra. For example, the restaurant in the old train station houses an exhibition of preserved artifacts, including a fully restored train. Hegra Fort is home to another restaurant, while the third restaurant creates a spectacular atmosphere amid water pools. Many of the buildings are connected by an artistic roof that captures and reflects wind movement and natural light.

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