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Discover the luxury paradise The Island Pongwe

Discover the luxury paradise The Island Pongwe

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The Island Pongwe is located in the picturesque Zanzibar archipelago, just 30 kilometers off the East African coast of Tanzania. This small island captivates with its unspoiled nature and the relaxing silence that surrounds it.

Exclusive villas for unparalleled privacy

Five luxurious villas, hidden among shady trees, offer guests the utmost comfort and absolute privacy. The tides provide a unique and magical atmosphere that is not affected by entertainment electronics or air conditioning.

Sustainable architecture and environmentally friendly design

An environmentally conscious boutique hotel, recycled wood and local materials are used for buildings and design elements. “Makuti” roofs made from palm leaves provide natural cooling, while old fishing boats are used to make creative furniture pieces such as tables, chairs and mirror frames.

Varied accommodation with breathtaking views

The island houses four standard villas (35sqm) and one luxurious Sultan Villa (70sqm), all with magnificent sea views. Surrounded by shady trees, the private veranda with romantic outdoor seating invites you to enjoy the sunset and the starry Zanzibar sky.

Uniqueness through attention to detail

The uniqueness of The Island Pongwe is evident in its attention to detail. The eco-friendly design of the rooms eliminates televisions, music and air conditioning to bring guests closer to nature, preserve their privacy and maintain the harmony of the environment.

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Culinary delights on The Island Pongwe

The resort restaurant treats guests to exquisite dishes that appeal to all the senses. Local flavors blend harmoniously with the surroundings as the hotel prides itself on showcasing local and seasonal produce in surprising ways.

With its awe-inspiring sunsets, close connection to Zanzibar’s culture and exclusivity, The Island Pongwe fits seamlessly into the Cocoon Collection identity, offering guests an unforgettable experience.

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