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Tuuci: A touch of Miami in Venice

Tuuci: A touch of Miami in Venice


As guests on the terrace of the renowned The St. Regis Hotel in Venice, they now gaze not only at the impressive Grand Canal and the Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, but also at the noble parasols by Tuuci. Originating in Miami, these high-end shading systems provide shade in one of the most idyllic locations in the world, blending seamlessly with the historic yet modern ambiance of the five-star hotel, which opened in 1895.

Hospitality with history

No stranger to the world of elites, The St. Regis Venice has hosted prestigious guests over the years such as Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Now it is Tuuci’s twelve “Ocean Master M1 Classics” that offer guests luxurious comfort while watching the lively spectacle of gondoliers and vaporetti on the Grand Canal.

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Tuuci: innovation and luxury

The strength lies in the symbiosis of innovative functionality and luxurious design, as the “Ocean Master M1 Classics” prove. With options for personalized touches like contrasting pockets, tassels, flounces and colored trim, the parasols offer guests the opportunity to make a custom design statement.

Arts and crafts

The unique blend of ornate shapes and choice of custom fabrics makes each parasol an elegant work of art that can be paired with any outdoor décor. For example, they harmonize perfectly with the red and white anchor poles of the gondoliers in Venice.

The vision of Tuuci

Since the founding of Tuuci in 1997 by Managing Director Dougan Clarke, the company’s goal has been to create durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing shading systems. This commitment is reflected in the seaworthy constructions and water-repellent high-performance textiles of Tuuci sunshades, which withstand even the extreme weather conditions and maritime climate of the Adriatic Sea.

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The terrace of The St. Regis Venice is thus a place that offers both the highest maritime performance and the most luxurious relaxation. Thanks to Tuuci, it invites guests to linger and relax in a stylish ambience.

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