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Chenot Palace Weggis – A luxury retreat with the best detox programme in the world

Chenot Palace Weggis – A luxury retreat with the best detox programme in the world

Chenot Palace Weggis
Chenot Palace Weggis
Chenot Palace Weggis
Chenot Palace Weggis
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Chenot Palace Weggis

The renowned Chenot Palace Weggis is once again crowned with the award for the “World’s Best Detox Programme” at the World Spa Awards 2023. A behind-the-scenes look at this award-winning programme reveals why it is considered the best of its kind.

A Royal Detox Programme

The Chenot Palace Weggis is not only a luxury address for those seeking relaxation, but also a pioneer in the field of detox programmes. With an award that has now been presented for the third time in a row, this house proves that it is not only the best, but also the most innovative in the field.

“We are delighted to have been named World’s Best Detox Programmes for the third year in a row. Chenot is all about enabling people to live healthier lives for longer,” explains Dr George Gaitanos, Chief Scientific and Operating Officer at Chenot.

The revolutionary Chenot Method

The heart of the Advanced Detox programme is the Chenot Method. It combines several disciplines that synergistically aim to restore cell health and optimise cell longevity.

This plant-based diet is sugar-, caffeine- and salt-free and limited to 850 calories per day.

A mixture of hydro-aromatherapy and phyto-mud packs.

A potpourri of massage techniques, including electrostatic cupping.

Energetic treatments:
From traditional acupuncture to laser acupuncture.

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Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers measure the impact of lifestyle on health, allowing for individualised treatment adjustment.

The programme is based on a seven-day journey where guests experience a comprehensive detox and revitalisation under medical supervision.

A programme with a worldwide reputation

The World Spa Awards are a testament to excellence in spa and wellness tourism. The fact that the Chenot Palace Weggis has now received this award for the third time in a row is proof of the excellent quality and international status of this hotel.

More than just detox

With its Advanced Detox programme, the Chenot Palace Weggis offers more than just a detox cure. It offers a comprehensive experience designed to optimise the quality and duration of life of its guests. In a world dominated by stress and hustle and bustle, the Chenot Palace Weggis ensures that its guests not only detoxify, but also return revitalised and renewed.

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