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The Residence Douz – The pearly oasis in the middle of the Sahara

The Residence Douz – The pearly oasis in the middle of the Sahara

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The Residence Douz
The Residence Douz
The Residence Douz
The Residence Douz
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The Residence Douz

The Sahara, known for its endless sand horizon and glittering starry sky, has a new, luxurious star in the sky: The Residence Douz. This elegant retreat offers far more than just a picturesque view of the golden dunes; it represents a fusion of traditional Tunisian culture and modern luxury.

A stunning luxury retreat

Nestled in the “Gateway to the Sahara“, The Residence Douz extends over 14 hectares and enchants with a symphony of golden sand and swaying palm trees. With a total of 50 villas, two gourmet restaurants and a luxurious Spa by Clarins, it becomes the latest flagship of Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts in Tunisia.

“Like a place in another world, the luxury resort stretches out in Tunisia’s south.”

Tunisian culture meets contemporary art: villas and public areas are adorned with artworks by the country’s emerging painters and sculptors. The entire architecture and aesthetics make impressive reference to the design and traditions of Tunisia.

Culinary delights and sustainable farming methods

The gourmet restaurants at The Residence Douz embody the best of both worlds: Arabic delicacies married with Mediterranean elegance. In the restaurants, you can feel the rich culture of Tunisia, finely tuned with international nuances. For culinary delights, they also draw from their own organic garden, which is home to a variety of local vegetables, spices and herbs.

The “Mud House“, the cultural centre of the resort, allows guests to learn about sustainable farming methods and participate in workshops on ancient crafts and traditional Tunisian practices.

The ultimate spa experience

After a day in the desert, the Spa by Clarins promises a revitalising time-out. Local treatments, inspired by the surrounding nature, offer deep relaxation. The treatment programme uses local ingredients such as Ghassoul clay and Beldi soap, which are known for their beneficial properties.

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Unforgettable desert adventures

In the surroundings of The Residence Douz, numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites are waiting to be discovered. Whether by jeeps, quads or traditional “desert ships” – the camels – guests can explore the region in a unique way. A dedicated team ensures that the excursions on offer meet guests’ expectations and offer adventure like no other.

The Residence Douz – The continuation of a success story

Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts’ newest retreat follows in the footsteps of The Residence Tunis, known for its unparalleled luxury since 1996. With the opening of The Residence Douz, luxury travellers now have the opportunity to discover the treasures of Tunisia from the coast to the desert.

The Residence Douz is not only worth the trip – it is an unparalleled experience that combines luxury, culture and adventure. The resort will open at the end of October 2023. Bookings and enquiries can be made directly via the official website or by email and telephone.

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